Saturday, July 19, 2008


Thanks so much to Sharon for honoring me with this award. What a nice surprise, Sharon! I encourage you to check out her blog for some very inspiring posts! She loves the Lord and uses her blog to spread the Word.
This award is given to a blogger who is deserving whether for creativity, design, interesting material, or contributions to the blogging community.
"Arte y Pico"is a Mexican phrase and it translates into "lo maximo." It is said that it will never find a suitable English word translate to, but, the closest words in English are "Wow! The Best Art! Over the Top!"This award was started by the blog Arte y Pico.
You may nominate up to 5 bloggers who meet the requirements to pass the award along to. Link to the person who gave you this award, the blog Arte y Pico, and the blogs you choose to award. And so, I pass this along to:

Jill at Jillian, Inc. for her sassy new blog design

Sherrie at Journey 2 Our Princess for her inspiring blog on the adoption process as she and her family await the day they can go pick up Sweet Sophie and bring her home.


Jillian, Inc. said...

hee-hee. Thank you so much, Tonja. Means a lot coming from you, one of my dearest blogging friends. I will post soon and pass this one on.

Sherrie said...

Thank you so much for this award but I do not know what I am suppose to do. LOL!!! You are the blogging queen! Thanks! Love ya

Dianne said...

You are definitely deserving...congratulations! And thanks for the one you passed on to me this week too. I will pass it along soon!