Monday, December 3, 2007


I know you are all waiting...anxiously...for the minutes. And because I care so deeply for you all, I am posting this to hold you over.

Birmingham, you did NOT live up to our expectations....we were a little disappointed. Yes, the weather was perfect..couldn't have been better! But, whoever got the memo regarding traffic control, dropped the proverbial ball. We actually had to waste valuable "B" time sitting in the car, traveling at a snails pace, to get to our motel. This does not a happy camper make. The very idea! Also, our wait at eating establishments...bad...very bad. More to follow on this...Be afraid, CF, be very afraid.

But, the thing that has upset me the most....and dropped you to a C+...was the virus you allowed to escape into the air. You, priding yourself on being such a 'fine' medical community and all. I am so unhappy with this goof-up. And feeling quite poorly, I might add. It hit me after I got home last night, and has been needling me ever since. I guess it was not enough to send a single ended just HAD to send the doubled ended kind. So from both ends of this "B"....."*!!!!***%^###2****up chuck88!!!!??!:( :( :0 :( !!."



Dianne said...

OH NO! I am sorry are so sick! :-( I hope you are MUCH better soon!Sending lots of TLC your way!

Cherdecor said...

Food Poisoning? ? ?
What did you eat, Tonja?
So sorry. . . that is no way to end such a great celebration!

Musicaljean said...

My sympathies, dear. We'll just keep waiting. You rest up and take care of yourself till you're feeling all better.

RealEstateGirl said...


That is so weird! I had to stay home from work today because of a BAD BAD NASTY STOMACH virus! Wonder what we caught???

Feel better girlfriend...I'm doing a little better tonight...but thought I was going to die earlier today!

Love ya!

justabeachkat said...

Good grief! Sorry to hear you and Tracey got a little virus. Me...I woke up with a bad back ache. Crazy! I think you wore your self out girl!!! Take care. Hope you feel much better tomorrow.

Is Joy okay?


Musicaljean said...

Boy, I'm starting to be glad I stayed home! Just kidding!

Ang baylis said...

Major "B" Club... Bummer!
You were very generous with your grading system! I know I wasn't there, but I wouldn't give it more than a "C"... for crummy ending!

So sorry!
Hopefully by now you are feeling better!
Angie xoxo

nancygrayce said...

I guess on the bright side, it waited until you got home! I had that same double ended virus in North Carolina....luckily it was short lived and just left me tired!

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

And here I am the Nurse Practitioner in the group. I should have at least offered my hand sanitizer! I must have developed some immunities to Birmingham B Bugs.

You don't suppose it was cheesecake overload??