Monday, December 10, 2007


I love the look of a tree with all white tiny lights, but, I am never satisfied when I can see the cords shining. Since my tree has twigs added to it, I like to use lights with the brown cord. These are VERY hard to find. I have never found them here, but have run up on some in other cities. They are called vine lights, and are just like regular tree lights except the cord is brown. It really disappears into the tree. I bought some last year online and just received my order for some more this year. They are wonderful if you wish to light a grapevine wreath, or those reindeer for the lawn. You can find them here, Save-on Crafts. The vine lights, set of 50, end to end string are $2.99,,,that's 15 and 1/2 ft. You can get longer ones, but they do not string end to end. Also, if your decorating scheme runs in the white or cream can get the same light on a white cord. It's such a shame when the cord color distracts from the overall look. And now, it doesn't have to. This info may come too late for this year, and I know you are just wishin' I'd relayed this to you earlier, is just so hard to remember all the things I need to share. Know what I mean? Even if you don't need them this year, or even order from this co, at least you know they are available if the need should arise. That's what I'm here for, friends. Just doing my job!


Southern Heart said...

I always wondered if cords were available in other colors...that is great information, and you were sweet to share it!

xo, Andrea

justabeachkat said...

Well Miss Smartie Pants...thank you, thank you! You're just full of helpful information and I LOVE it!


Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Miz Tonja! That's a great tip...I had light problems this year. Hung up the garland over the front door & then 1/2 the lights decided not to cooperate, so I was up there stringing another set of 1/2-lit lights just to get some glow to them. I'm going out after christmas & stocking up on a few new boxes of lights, just for next year. So frustrating when the lights don't work!

Merry Christmas, dear!