Monday, March 1, 2010


Let me be perfectly honest here, my friends. I am about as good a gardener as I am a cook...just so you know where I'm coming from.

I have had great success doing large container gardens. But, when things go into the ground...that's where my trouble starts. The only thing I have ever grown well in the ground were hostas...and my mother actually picked out the spot and helped me put them into the ground. Those I left at our other house, though I do want to go and get some of them to move over here. They came from my Grandmother's yard in NC. I have always wanted a yard with lots of large hydrangeas large that I could pick some every day and never pick them all. I dream big! And, so we planted several bushes when we had the yard landscaped. They bloomed last year, and were beautiful. But, all I did was enjoy them. God handled the rest.

So, here's my question. They look all brown all the way down from the dried flowers to the ground. Should I cut them back now, or will I cut off the new growth? They look dead to me. And, maybe they are...what with us HAVING SNOW ON THE GROUND FOR 2 DAYS HERE IN THE DEEP SOUTH!!!! I don't want them to be dead. And, if I need to do something to them, I know I should probably be doing it about now. Here it's been sunny and in the 60' spring is definitely on the way.

I would so appreciate some help. Thanks for taking pity on this sad wanna be gardener.


Gram said...

Sorry, Tonja, hydrangeas do not grow in Colorado so I know nothing about their care. I love them and wish they would grow here.

Just Breathe said...

There is a website you can go to.
It's like Ask The Gardner Question.
In my opinion I would cut it down to the ground. When we have had frost her in California sometimes you loose the plant above ground but the roots are usually fine. You should buy more Hostas, I miss those. We had them as boarder in Illinois. Haven't seen them here. Love the varigated ones.

Musicaljean said...

I always ask Cherdecor all my gardening questions. She knows everything about such things.

nancygrayce said...

I have no advice because I have a black thumb! AND I don't even know what hostas are! What is wrong with me!?

But, my grandmother always had hydrangeas and that picture reminded me of her! So thanks!

Love Being a Nonny said...

I love my hydrangeas but I don't like giving advice because there are several different varieties. I usually go to the Southern Living web site for advice when I trim mine back. (Southern Living Magazine usually has an article every year about this time too). Remember, those thick stalks are needed for the flowers to grow. Most of the time, I clip them off below the bloom. But, don't trust ME...look it up!