Monday, March 8, 2010


Oh how beautiful this place is!! What a joy to spend the day in Paradise! There is nothing so wondrous as the creations of our Father! His wonders are so evident in this place!

Joy and I left the room this morning...well actuallY, it may have been afternoon. But, who cares....this is Paradise! We first had our 'chariot' delivered to us. You probably would call it a Mustang Convertible. And we set out on our first adventure! We went to the town of Lahaina...and began exploring. Lahaina has origins go back to at least the 16th century. It's ancient name was Lele. But, the name Lahaina means 'relentless sun'. It has become renowned for its scenic beauty and temperate climate. In early days, it was a whaling port until the missionaries came and tried to run all the sailor's out of town as they were 'corrupting their young girls.'

I must be honest and tell you that there is still much there today to corrupt young sister and me! No sailors...but plenty of jewelry stores, fine stores like Tiffany's, Rolex, and Louie Vuitton, as well as souvenirs of every shape and description. Lots of shoes...lots of purses...lots of T-shirts. And, macadamia nuts...covered in milk chocolate or dark chocolate or coconut and chocolate! Such temptation! Oh My!

We shopped around for a while, and sat and watched the ocean and the boats out in the harbor. Then we headed back to the car and began driving back to the motel. We stopped to get some drinks and food for the room, and realized that we were hungry! This is the fun place we had lunch...The Hula Grill. It's on the beach, had live music, and great food! We both had grilled mahimahi...delicious!

And here are Joy's feet on the floor!

Next to the place we ate is an large outdoor mall, and since we were rested and full, we walked around for a while. Turns out they were having a hula show in their central we made our way to get a seat. And we discovered the dancers were all children and teenagers. And, they were GREAT! And, so, so cute!

We had to leave before it was over because we were freezing! It gets pretty cool at night this time of year. And, now we're back in our rooms...looking over our treasures.

It's been a wonderful day! And, so will tomorrow!


Love Being a Nonny said...

Oh, you sound like you are having a MOST relaxing time. Such a great bonding time for you and Joy!! Look forward to more pictures and stories!

Adam R. Owens said...

Your blog looks normal here, it may just look funny on your screen for some reason? Love you both and have fun!

Gram said...

So glad you are having a great time with your sister.

Musicaljean said...

I'm having a great time "following" you girls.

Just Breathe said...

Sounds like a perfect trip. I am so glad you are having such a wonderful time. Don't worry about reading us, your on vacation.