Monday, January 4, 2010


Here it is! I know you've been waiting with baited breath! Finally, we can rest easy...Pantone has finally announced the COLOR OF THE YEAR...2010! It's TURQUOISE!

Now, frankly, I do not know why we need an official color. Should we all go out and paint our houses? Should we all go buy a dress in this hue? Should we buy our new car in this color? I don't think so. But, "they" say that this is the color that fashion, home ware manufacturers, car companies, building materials, etc. will all use as a starting point for their new lines.

I thought it quite interesting; and wondered what the colors for the past years, since 2000, would be. Here, then, are the colors that have been a part of your life...and you may not have even known it!



2008...BLUE IRIS





2003...AQUA SKY

2002...TRUE RED



It's interesting that the dance seems to be around the blues and reds. What does that say about the other colors? Are they just not good enough? Or just not popular at this time? I wonder...

So, when you are out and about, doing your shopping for this, that or the other... and you see it offered to you in'll know why. Just remember...don't buy it in's so 'last year'!!!


Just Breathe said...

I love this information. I am sorry but I love yellow, it will always be my favorite color. Funny that Turquoise is the new color, I have been seeing it allot and really liking it. I won't be using it anytime soon but I do like it. Thank you for keeping us informed.

nancygrayce said...

And my favorite color is green....but turquoise is nice too. I just don't think hubby will want me to be painting any walls that color. :)

andi said...

Where did you find such info???? I have always heard of this color I know some facts! Way to go! Good reporting! I like to know the new "black." :)

Allison said...

I like the Chili Pepper and True Red colors...I guess I am out of style/years behind! What a surprise! Basically whatever looks good with black is what I like to buy! Thanks for the very useful information....

Gram said...

I have always wondered who sits around and decides what colors we get to choose from. I should have kept some of the turquoise items my mother had in her kitchen in the 60's.

Musicaljean said...

Aren't you something? I never had any idea that there was a color of the year! Lisa's great room is right in style now.

Southern Lady said...

Neat post, Tonja. That turquoise reminds me of the aqua kitchens of the 1950s. I hope designers don't decide that's what we need in our kitchens now, though, 'cause I'm definitely going to be "out of style."

racheld said...
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racheld said...

Trying again, without the egregious grammatical error my early fingers inflicted.

That's the exact color we painted the office in 1988!! How far-thinking of us!!

They're all just so BRILLIANT, somehow---I can't think how I could READ in a room like that, with the FLASH everytime my eyes jumped from line to line.

With this pastel stage of life I'm in now, I'm out of touch with all including color, I guess. I've got a can of pale sage green and a can of buttery cream awaiting Spring's open windows. We'll talk then.

Jillian, Inc said...

So now my HUGE blue sectional will be "IN" - ha! I have a lot of blue in my house...seems to blend so well with my wooded backyard that is green much of the year. And I just laughed out loud when, about a month ago, my mom sent me an email about something she was doing in her house and she pontificated on and on and on about how much she loathes blue.

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