Monday, April 6, 2009


Now, we all know that cooking is not among the things I do well, but, if I did, I would make these for the family. It sounds easy enough...but somehow, I can manage to mess up even the easy ones. This looks like such a fun idea, though, I may try them anyway....I could always eat the evidence if they don't turn out well!

Nest Eggs
A package of crunchy wonton noodles, melted chocolate, and some Jordan almonds are all you need to create these tasty treats. In a bowl, toss noodles with melted chocolate and use your hands to form nest shapes with an indentation in the center. Work quickly and in batches to form nests before the chocolate sets. Set on waxed paper to dry. Serve with a few Jordan almond "eggs" in each nest.

(picture and recipe from Better Homes and Gardens)


southerninspiration said...

So, so cute and simple! Love it!


Sharon said...

Hey this is soooo neat, I love it, I wonder if you could use pretzil sticks. Sounds easy, but yummy!
What a great share, thank you :)

Have a beautiful and blessed week my friend :)

Southern Lady said...

Oh, how cute, Tonja ... and I bet they're good, too! Thank you for sharing them with us.

Paula (SweetPea) said...

those are so cute. and only three ingredients. but how do we melt chocolate? what kind of chocolate....haha

Musicaljean said...

Cool! I might keep them in mind too. I think Destiny would have fun helping to make them.

Keetha said...

Those are really cute!

justabeachkat said...

cute and yummy sounding too!


Jennifer said...

Those are so cute. I love Jordan almonds. My mother-in-law knew that and would put them in my stocking every Christmas. She was always so good about remembering what everyone liked.