Saturday, April 25, 2009


Things in my life have been a little hard recently, and I have gotten behind on accepting awards and posting about them. Please, my friends, don't think I am not grateful...I've just been a little 'undone' lately. Thanks for understanding.

What a sweet surprise to receive this award from my friend,Jennifer! I have enjoyed reading the adventures of her family for several years now...and consider her a sister in Christ. Her blog is Zaankali's Adventures.

This is a special award that should be given to your best bloggy girlfriends. Those ladies that have become a good dose of encouragement to you and are sisters in Christ. They are real women, living real lives with the courage to be transparent in their walk with the Lord. Stop over and let them know what a blessing they are. Everyone needs a bit of encouragement!

I am happy to pass this award along to Teresa, at Living the Life and Nancy, at Too Wonderful For Me. They are such encouragers and always lift my spirits.

Now this award I received from my friend Angela. It says that we should list 10 'UNCUTE' things about ourselves...only 10, I ask?

1...I need to use a power sander on my heels.

2. I have a terrible addiction...and I don't even want to get better. Shoes and weakness...(et tu,Kat!)

3. I remove my shoes as soon as I come into the house...and they tend to pile up by the back door...a big pile.

4. The second thing I remove is my bra...definitely not cute...but comfortable. But I do not pile these by the back door.

5. I have finally accepted the fact that I will never have a flat tummy this life, anyway.

6. I can read a book and be totally oblivious to anything or anyone else.

7. I am a big procrastinator...but I always do my best work at the last minute.

8. Dishes in the sink do not bother me.

9. I do not like to drink water.

10. My fingernails always look like I do manual the dirt!

I pass this award along to: Andi, at Fingerprints On The Glass.


Musicaljean said...

Great list! A pile of bras by the door - now that's a picture!!

We have many similarities. I enjoyed your list tremendously.

nancygrayce said...

Wow! Thanks Tonja! I am so humbled! I am a procrastinator too, but I'm going to attempt to get this up soon!!!!

LivingTheLife said...

Thanks for the sweet award...I hope I do it justice. You are so deserving of this yourself...I can't think of a better "sister" than you...and my little "sis" of course. You certainly know me well...b/c I still think we were seperated at's uncanny how much we are alike.

Here's an example of how much we ARE alike. On your meme about the 10 uncute things...well...I am a definite 8 out of your 10...

#2, #3, #4,(can't stand wearing one, but of course it's not a pretty picture when I don't) #5 (still trying, not given up quite yet...but I'm getting there) #6, #7 BIG TIME and yes, that is when I do my BEST work) #9 and #10...I about fell off my chair on #4...I feel exactly the same way about bra's...who the heck invented those anyway?? I start taking mine off just as soon as I get in the never knows where you might find them!! LOL Hmmm guess I better watch that a little better when the house goes on the embarrassing would that be if someone showed the house and found one of my bra's hanging on the back door knob!! YIKES!

Hope you are having a good weekend...looks like you had fun at your niece's shower.


andi said...

Thanks T-jator!!!! I can't wait to list just 10 things that are unlovely about me...could apple cores that are old in the bottom of your purse count. Heeeehheeee. Thanks friend!

Anonymous said...

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