Sunday, March 22, 2009


Tina and I set off on a day trip to Moultrie with Tina's daughter, sweet Amy, as our companion and driver. Only on the rural roads in Alabama and Georgia would you be held up by such as this. We must have passed 3 or 4 during our trip. We also saw a deer or 2 run cross our path, and a good 'ole boy State Trooper who, thank goodness, was not in the mood to give out tickets! Of course, the prayers from the passengers and the driver could have had something to do with it, too!
Here is our P.I.T. crew...Amy, Jolie, and Jayna. J and J are Shirley's daughters. But, I claim all 3, too! Our mission for the day was a local craft show, some junking, and lunch and shopping downtown. And, we accomplished it all!
On the streets of Moultrie. I do not know what that looks like in my hands...kind of like a green tumbleweed. But, it is 2 strands of garland we bought off the wall from a lady who didn't own the store, and didn't know the price and didn't really know if she should sell it. But, she did...I mean, really now, she didn't stand a chance up against the likes of the 6 of us. We were not going to leave without the garland...and she really wanted to get back to her beauty shop next door. And, I paid for it in the restaurant. I know it sounds confusing...but, I was all legal. And the garland looks extremely nice in the Creek House, thank-you very much! FYI: Really...don't try to figure it out.
Now, would you just look at this sweet rabbit that jumped up in my lap to have her picture made with us! Her name was Lila...and she wanted very much to live in Dothan. So, we obliged!

We had a wonderful day, as we always do when we are together! Went back by Shirl's house to see the rest of the family. Learned to do the Hippity Hoppity Dance from Little Gabby, and almost got to read a book with her! We headed home...slower...and made it here by dark! Great day! Hope you feel better, Shirl!

Today, we went to church. And afterward went out to eat with Tina, Buddy, Jim and Jan. Since today was Tina's official birthday, we managed to make her a spectacle in Applebee's by telling them it was her birthday. Don't ya just hate it when they start all that clapping and singing? The free desert is nice, though!

Then, this afternoon was a special time for my niece, Lori. Joy's youngest daughter is getting married in May, and our dear friend, Patty, headed up a shower for her, assisted by the girl's in their Sunday School class.

Here is beautiful Lori. She is a psychologist here in Dothan.
Lori enjoyed opening her wonderful gifts. Next to her are Joy and Mom. Sorry, Tara, I didn't get you in the pic. OOPS.
Patty and I being silly around the food table. Lori loves lemons, so there was lemonade, lemon cake, lemon squares, etc. All yummy!
The 2 prettiest girls there...Lori and her Granny!

Whew! I think I need to put my feet up and rest! Good thing next week is spring break!


Anonymous said...

Peace be with you

gabbyvargas1 said...

Aunt Tonja
I was reading the blog and Gabby ran over to see what I was doing and in all seriousness she said," Look mama! It is the QUEEN!"

Keetha said...

Au contraire, mon amie!!! You would be held up with farming contraptions JUST LIKE THAT, and many more too, right here in Indiana. Not quite yet, for it is too early for farming to have begun up here - - - but in a mere months time, they come out in SWARMS.

Melinda said...

Looks like you had a great time. Now relax and get some rest!

Musicaljean said...

What a weekend of joy! It just pours out of the pictures and your writing.

justabeachkat said...

Hi sweet friend!

Gosh you've been a busy busy girl while I've been on vacation. It's been fun catching up with you tonight. I love every.single.piece of art and furniture that you've shown us. I sure hope to see it on for myself one day when I'm passing through.

We're stuck in Palm Desert another day. Long story...go to my blog for the whole sad thing.


Jennifer said...

Everyone needs some frivolity once and a while. It looks like you are enjoying your family and friends.

Jayna said...

I can't believe I made it to the Queen's blog! What an exciting day! I enjoyed every minute spent with you all!

YaYa's Funhouse said...

Sound like ya'll had the perfect weekend. You will see those tractors and deer in MS also!!!!

Sharon said...

You had me smiling and laughing out loud! Sounds like you had a busy good time :)
What beautiful ladies and great smiles shared by all. Yep I feel like I need to rest along with you, I feel a bit pooped out now!
Thanks for sharing
Have a beautiful day

Dianne said...

Hey Tonja...just came to visit for a while tonight. Sure looks like you've been a busy girl! WOW! Your house is absolutely BEAUTIFUL as is all the furniture you've chosen. I need to get you to come here and help me! :-) My house is nothing compared to yours, but I could sure use someone with an eye for decorating! Keep posting the pictures...I love them! As I told Jean, tax season is almost over, so hopefully I'll get back to more regular blog reading! It's a lot to catch up on if I wait as long in between as I have this time...WHEW!!

Keetha said...

I thought of you and your blog just yesterday on the way home from Indy when we MET a large red piece of farming equipment - - - not sure what it was - - - but it looked like a huge rectangular monster.

Jillian, Inc said...

Fun times y'all have... And that's a beautiful bride-to-be.