Monday, March 30, 2009



Keetha said...

I LOVE these clothesline photos.

I USED to do that - - - back in the good ole days.

Dianne said...


Musicaljean said...

Great pictures! I used to LOVE hanging my wash out on clotheslines. When I was a kid we had an awesome pulley line from the house to the barn. Lots of Amish up here still have them.

The cartoon is great!

Anonymous said...

Neat pictures! There's nothing like the smell of clothes dried outside. Our homeowner's association has it written in the bylaws - no clotheslines. But, with this recession and the need to conserve money and electric, I'm putting up one of those umbrella type clotheslines. But I'll be good and only keep it up when I'm doing laundry, not all the time, so it won't be an eyesore.

And I'll just sit and wait for someone to rat on me! But while I'm waiting I'll have the cleanest, whitest, best-smelling clothes and sheets in the whole neighborhood!

Sharon said...

Loveeeeee It! especially the one with the wittle girl, so cute!
I am still hanging clothes on my line. Only certain things, I love the out doors fresh air smell.
Plus it just brightens them.
When my mom used to hang out clothes, I use to catch lizards and put them in the clothes basket, I told her they would help her, hahahaha I didn't understand then but they scared her, jumping on her, her and I laugh about that today, but it wasn't funny then. :)

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Love the antique-looking photos...especially the second to last with the shed. How cute the last with the young tots bootie showing.

nancygrayce said...

I do like the pictures, but they bring back memories of hanging clothes out! UGH! We had a 4 liner....clothes may have smelled fresh back then, but they were as hard as a brick!

racheld said...

When my children were very young, and before I had a dryer, I had two sets of clotheslines---a neat set of three, strung from matching T-posts set in concrete in the back yard, and another set, secured to strong hooks in the beadboard up next to the ceiling in the "spare room."

And with two in diapers, twice, there was a lotta wash and hanging, out or in. On rainy days, I'd pull the stout cords over to the hooks, loop them on, and hang those saggy-wet clean Curity diapers by the dozens. It took a while for those to dry, and sometimes I'd have to rotate a line or two, but with the little gas heater on LOW and the doors closed, we had a nice little warm place for taking care of laundry.

And I felt so sorry for the children of a relative whose Wintertime house always smelled of pee from the warmed-overs---you do what you have to to keep your family clean.

I'd SO love to bring in armloads of sheets and blankets and spreads to go on our beds again---the softener and detergent companies are missing a sure thing---bottling the scent of sun-fresh, air-dried clothes.