Tuesday, September 2, 2008


My sweet friend, Kat at Just A Beach Kat, has been doing her part to keep a smile on my face. Last week I received this award from her. I did not forget, I just have had a hard week. As I told her, there are not many things I love more than a sunny day. I love the sunshine! So, for being a ray of sunshine in my life, I pass this award on to Teresa at Living The Life. I think we could have been sisters separated at birth! It is so funny how much our lives parallel each other. Here ya go, Sister Friend!

I DO love a sunny day, but a Visa card...with NO LIMIT !!! just sets my heart a flutter! Who would not like to get one of those out of the blue? Kat was one of my first blogging friends, and we have had the chance to be together IRL several times. We would probably do some real damage if we lived closer together! In a good way, of course! :) Thanks, Kat, I treasure your friendship. Since I know she well knows what to do with a Visa, I pass this award on to Andi at Fingerprints On The Glass.
She's a wild and crazy girl, and very dear to me! Now, Andi, keep a detailed report of how you use this! :) (She loves details).
Sherrie, is getting smiles from Sweet Sophie now! And, she is officially theirs! Isn't God good? They still have more details to take care of before they are free to travel...but it won't be long before they are back home where I can pinch those little cheeks...Sweet Sophie's...not Sherrie's!
On August 30, I wrote a post called MY 2 CENTS WORTH. I tried really hard to state my opinions in a non confrontational manner. I do not like confrontation. I try hard to stay away from it. In fact, I would rather run from it. BUT, I have tried to make this blog honest and truthful, and I do not mind defending my positions. There has been quite a bit of debate going on in the comments...which I love. Especially when those who disagree with me have the courtesy and the courage to identify themselves. After all, they know who I am. Just thought you may want to take a look...or not.


Jillian, Inc. said...

Congrats on the awards! I somehow missed your 2 cents post but went back to read it and...of course...had to add my two cents.

LivingTheLife said...

OH...joy, joy...I'm so thrilled to hear Miss Sophie is giving up some smiles for her new mommy and family. God is blessing and will continue to bless them throughout this journey.

Thanks for the award...I guess I need to post that on my blog...and I will once I figure out how...lol!

Congrats on your awards as well, you deserve all of them...I especially consider you a worthy candidate for Sunshine Lady Blogger of the year...at least you are always a ray of sunshine to me...I love reading all your posts! They make me laugh, think, reflect and rejoice for having done so....continue being you...ok!


Cynthia said...

Ijust Skyped with the Peaks, it is now 9:00am on Wed in Tinjin. Sheri seemed a little down, Sophie was back to only letting Justin feed and care for her. I told her it was too early to get down. Sophie is much like a wild cat and she needs to be touched and stroked a lot to give her that "love and sense of security". Sophie was back in the floor doing what she does most of the day, she is very busy stacking blocks, pinching playdough into tiny pieces and then doing it all over again. I've watched her on skype and she is very content and busy doing the same things and this could be pretty much the same as what she did in the home. Time will heal and this will turn into lots if laughter. Her tiny little life has been turned upside down and I think once she is in Dothan things will get better. Thank you Jesus for the noodle laugh that did make their day. Love you post!!!

Leah Belle said...

i saw the 2 cents....enjoyed it!

i think the election just got exciting!

nancygrayce said...

Oh, I'm so thankful for little Sophie giving smiles out! In no time at all, she'll be in her parent's arms! I pray God's richest blessings on them.

I went back to read all your comments on your 2 cents worth!!! Honey, I'd say you got a lot more than 2 cents worth of comments!

I think people have forgotten so much about what makes this country great. I stand behind you all the way!

Go Tonja!

Chan said...

I have been a blog stalker of my daughter’s former Sunday School teacher for several months. From that blog, I discovered many others, some from the town in which I live and many from different parts of the state and even other states. I have enjoyed reading the blogs, even if I didn’t know the author. It was interesting to read of remodeled homes, to relive the experiences of mother’s of young children and, in some cases, to share the pain of loss or illnesses of loved ones. Such are the joys of the internet. Another joy of the internet has been reconnecting with old friends from my original hometown, Amarillo Texas and my graduating class (Tascosa HS 1970).
Today, I come out of the background to request your prayers for the son of someone who I have known since elementary school. Marshi’s 24 year old son, Brian Lair was diagnosed with a brain tumor on July 23. He had his first surgery in Dallas on August 7 and although the doctors were unable to completely remove the tumor, the prognosis was optimistic. On August 25, he had to return to the Dallas hospital because his incision had become infested. A second surgery was completed on August 28. On September 2, I received an email from his mom, explaining that Brian was still fighting the infection, with high temperatures, etc. The diagnosis, treatment, and his relationship with God are all detailed on his blog: http://brianlair.blogspot.com.
He really needs all the prayers anyone can muster. Please keep Brian in your thoughts and prayers and spread the word.
Thank you,
Chan Roark, Dothan AL