Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Your heart starts to race...you feel the adrenalin begin to pump...your eyes focus...you feel as if you are floating on air...beautiful music begins to play in the background. There they are...THE PERFECT PAIR OF SHOES! You may have been searching all over town for them, or you may have come upon them unexpectedly.No matter...the effect is the same. They are just what you were looking for...even if you weren't looking. Because, as we all know, our fashion radar is always tuned toward a great looking pair of shoes.

Now, either you love shoes, or you don't. But, if you don't...you have missed the chance to experience pure bliss. To make a shoe lover's day, all it takes is 2 words..."CUTE SHOES!" A new pair of shoes can change our whole day...for the better!

And with all this in mind, I continue on my closet adventure with special attention today to shoes! Now, let me say this, in all honesty. I have a problem with shoes...I love them too much. I know it. I embrace it. And I'm too old to change it...nor do I want to. I started this 'shoe showdown' in the summer. I have already gotten rid of about 30 pairs. I am fortunate to have some friends with the same shoe size as me. Of course, my shoe lovin' friend Shani said, "just give them to me, I don't care what size they are...I'll wear them anyway!" I understand that, I used to be the same way, but the years have forced me to be more sensible about such things if I intend to walk on successive days. RULE #6...There IS a perfect pair of shoes for every outfit!

I am of the opinion that the right shoe can make any outfit. Dona said black pants and white shirts should be 'the uniform '. Well, just add these, or these or these, and it really looks great!

Well, how many pairs of black shoes should one lady own, you ask? "No limit," sounds just about right to me. What do you think? NONE of these are leaving my closet!

I will say that this IS a little excessive...there are 26 pair of flip flops!
Kat and Tracey will understand that, I am sure!

Now, Teresa says she spices up her black pants with colored T's. Add a cute shoe like these, and you are all set!

Since I am on my feet all morning at school, I usually wear some kind of tennis shoes, or athletic shoe. What do you think of these?
And these?(yes, my foot was in one of them at the time of this pic)All of the shoes shown above...and the flip flops are moving with me!

RULE #7...If the shoe is not comfortable in the store when you are trying it on, it will NEVER be comfortable.

RULE #8...NEVER buy uncomfortable shoes. If your feet hurt...so does everything else! Especially if your feet have walked as many miles as mine have.

In the spirit of full disclosure...there are also 6 pairs of boots, and 28 pairs of sandals...haven't gone through them yet.

(This is my '08 shirt design for the adults at our school.)


Anonymous said...

I feel I must be lacking the shoe gene. I currently own 2 pair of Birkenstocks, 1 pair of red sneakers, 1 pair of white sandals with multicolored straps, 1 pair of white leather sneakers, 1 pair of black dress shoes, and 1 pair of taupe dress shoes. Oh, and 1 pair of bowling shoes and 1 pair of bedroom slippers.

I don't wear shoes unless I absolutely have to - I'm barefoot most of the time. And I have the plantar fasciitis that goes along with that, but I'm still barefoot.

new mom in law said...


andi said...

Yes, my dear you own many shoes. I am all about shoes too!!!!! I enjoy your hand me downs sooooo much! Granny Hannie, my grandmother, taught me this wonderful art form of shoeing. I am thankful that I have you to relish over shoes with since she is not here with me. Awwww man, I really miss her. She would be pleased with your shoe repertoire. I am sure jealous too. :)

windycorner said...

Cute shoes! I inherited the shoe gene from my mom and passed it on to my daughter. We are on a first name basis with the folks at DSW and the girl at Nordstrom calls us when they get something in she thinks we'll like. Do we ever turn her down? Nooooooooo! I love all your black and whites. So many cute outfit possibilities.

Keetha said...

Just came over here from NancyGrace's blog.

I must say - - - those are some KEY-UTE shoes!!!

So what if you have a lot - - - you didn't buy them ALL in one shopping trip did ya? I doubt you even bought them all THIS SEASON.

You are just an extra good steward of all things shoe!!!!


Paula (SweetPea) said...

Again, my address is....
If you are size seven, I will gladly take those off your hands and pay shipping!

Dog...never in my wildest dreams have I seen so many shoes in one place.

Sheryl said...

Ok I LOVE shoes and I just need to tell ya that you have some great taste! You need not part with any of those.


Musicaljean said...

Yep - awesome taste, for sure! Surely your new closet will have plenty of room for them, right?

Now I know why I don't have many shoes - I seldom find shoes that feel comfortable in the store. Plantar Fasciitis is a really big "pain".

Jennifer said...

You Rock! Now I have proof to show my dear hubby that I don't have too many shoes 'cause I don't even come close to the amount you have. LOL!

Ang baylis said...

You are the best, Tonja! This was GREAT! Thanks so much for the smile today! By the way... I've been somewhat distracted lately and haven't noticed your new saying... I love it!
Love you,
Angie xoxo

Earthmommy said...

There must be something wrong with me. I have three pairs of shoes. Sneakers, dress shoes and flip flops. : )

I do have a serious weakness for t-shirts though, lol.

Sharon said...

I am the same about shoes, hahaha, I had 2 pairs of shoes growing up so I now cannot get enough shoes. I LOVE your shoes... Great post

Kristie said...

All of your shoes are so cute! I have "thick" feet so it's hard for me to find super cute ones that fit well. I do enjoy flip flops though and since I'm in the south I wear them year round.

new mom in law said...

By all means, it was a "Wow, I love those" comment! AND, I follow tons of BLOGS but just never write on my own BLOG. I am a pretty private person. I am giving it serious thought though! Thanks for the comment!

Leah Belle said...

umm...i think i am very jealous! :) how much fun is that!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I found another pair of shoes! My little red Mary-Jane's - how could I forget them? I love red shoes.

nancygrayce said...

I really MUST show this to my husband! He thinks nobody has as many pairs of shoes as I do. Mine just aren't organized! So sometimes I have to buy another pair because I can't find a pair I know I have somewhere. That is really sick!

I didn't see the smile award emblem, button or whatever it's called, so I'm going to have to try and get it now! Scary!

Jillian, Inc. said...

Well, as a gal who just got 6 new pairs of shoes in the mail today....maybe I should do some confessing myself. (Do I get brownie points if I say I did the annual shoe shuffle/ditch last weekend?) :o)

LivingTheLife said...

Confess it sweet sister...just let it all out! I know I have the same addiction, but luckily for me it goes in spurts...but man for some reason when Stein Mart or DSW has a sale...or shoot who am I fooling...when ANYBODY has a sale...I'm there!! I love shoes, too...mostly b/c for me shoes soothe my ego...by that I mean...when I am out shopping for a new outfit and the ole scales have tipped a little bit closer to a new dress size...or pants size...instead of swallowing my pride and buying the next larger size...I proclaim..." I WILL NOT buy a larger size pants, again! I will just buy a new pair of shoes that have always been and remain the same today...a size 7 1/2...and sometimes an eight...so it doesn't hurt so much to buy new shoes when you look at it from that prospective...or at least that's what I tell my self...same thing goes for purses and accessories...those sizes NEVER change...call me vain...I don't care...I'm not moving up another pant size...well, not this year anyway! LOL...

I think I have enjoyed your closet clean-out more than I probably should...but I think it is b/c it makes me feel I'm not the only one out there...like this!


Wanda said...



That t-shirt design ROCKS!

I want to work at your school!