Monday, June 30, 2008

FLING...DAY 1...Wednesday...June 25

Up early...actually not much sleep, afraid I would not hear the alarm. Silly me!
Loaded car, kissed Don and Alex and Scooter good-bye, and off to pick up Tina. She is ready and waiting...load her up, tell Buddy and Amy "BYE"...and hit the road!

First stop...Mickey D' cars in one answers drive one at the window! Oh well, we'll catch another one. Stop 2... Mickey D's number and people ready to serve. Fuel up the body and finally heading to Moultrie! BTW...Mickey D's #1...had just been robbed!

Travel to Moultrie uneventful, just Tina and I catching up on all the news. We called Shirley and told her to gas up her SUV...we'd be there soon! I was planning to drive, but, the more we talked...the more we realized that we would never have enough room. We had the wheelchair since I had been having so much trouble walking.
And there MUST be room for luggage and 'possible' purchases! :-) She had it ready when we got there, transferred the baggage...and we're off! OFFICIALLY!!!

It is so good to be together again. We 3 are so close, and know God has blessed our friendship. I get to spend more time with Tina since we live in the same town. And Shirl and Tina get to see each other more since they are married to brothers! So, one of us is always wishing to see the others more. But, true friendship means that when you get's as if you had just seen each other yesterday. We pick-up right where we left off. Tina and I miss Shirley so away from us. However, she is just exactly where she is supposed to be. And we are so proud of the blessed life she has there!

We sort of meandered through GA,...not quite going on any suggested route...but, being on no time table...we just called it 'adventure'. I had printed directions from the Internet, but evidently...the map people changed 82 to 84...and thus caused great confusion to the court! I love seeing old country churches, and this is one we passed that I had to go back to so I could capture it on film.

We even passed the town of Townsend, GA. (my maiden name)

Checked into the hotel. Very nice...good room...met the super concierge, Mary, who gave us lots of good info, and we struck out, on foot, to cover the River Street area. This is several blocks of typical restaurants, souvenir shops, t shirt places, etc. located just steps from the Savannah River. Architecture remains as it used to be and the streets are still cobblestone.

There is a very nice park to sit and rest and watch the traffic on the river.

We made it about half of the way down, and decided to fill OUR tummies instead of the THEIR pockets. Found an Outback Steaks and had a nice dinner. Then a short walk home and off to sleep!

Putting Day 1 to bed...with happy thoughts in our heads!


Jan & Tom's Place said...

What an awesome Day the pix!!


Paula (SweetPea) said...

Sounds wonderful so far, but especially the very close bond the three of you have. I long for that. Don't get me wrong I've had that with different gals at different times but just not right now. Waiting and hoping God will show me the way to find that special gal and bond.

Lynne said...

Great start to a great trip. Can't wait to hear more.

I think Savannah is a great city!

Musicaljean said...

Sounds like such fun. I love the picture of the church. Can't wait to see and hear more of your adventures.

justabeachkat said...

A perfect Day 1. You are blessed to have such good friends.