Saturday, March 29, 2008


Just a little round up on the family.

Ian came home last night to bring a load of stuff...I think I saw him about 5 minutes total. He is already back in Birmingham.

Adam continues to heal from his nasal surgery...not feeling too chipper, yet.

Alex is about the same, but was able to be up for a little while today.

Mom, Pop and I have been in the ER for the last 5 hours. She began having pain, not related to her surgery, this morning...and running a fairly high temp. Talked with the dr. in B'ham...he said go to ER, we did. We have sat and waited there for waaaaay too long. But, I will not complain, because everyone else there was waiting too. There is too great a shortage of nurses in ER's nationwide, and that is a shame. Mom will be fine...just an infection. Thank-you, Lord. What a privilege to be able to take care of her.

Don is keeping a close eye on the new house...they poured 1/2 of the slab today. YEA!
To get to our lot you have to cross a wooden bridge over a creek. BUT, the big trucks fully loaded can not cross. So, loads have to be split up and that slows things down. Also, the truck could not carry a full load of cement...thus only 1/2
got done. But, progress IS being made.

I must say to the world that I love my dear daughter in love, Suzanne. She is a treasure! She's such a sweet wife to my boy, and she looks after him so well. I appreciate her, and I am so blessed by her!

Pop is doing such a great job of caring for Mom! Over the past few years, it seems as if they have just been taking turns caring for each other. He is devoted to her.
57 years of marriage...isn't that wonderful?

I am tired...I am so far behind on the things I need to do...but, the important things have been seen about...we are all well...not excellent, but well. God's in control...and that's as it should be. Good-night!


Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

You are so right... God is always is always in control.
Just hang on dearest B!

justabeachkat said...

I was just heading to bed and it's good to get an update on your family before I say my prayers. I'm sorry your Mom has an infection, but so thankful it is being taken care of. I just posted tonight about feeling like I've been in a rat race and it sounds like you have even more than me. I'll send up extra prayers tonight for you and your family.

Take care sweet friend.

Musicaljean said...

I'm sorry too that your mom had to sit around in that ER, and that she has an infection. It seems like every single person I know lately, who has needed surgery, has ended up with some kind of infection afterward. I'm glad it's being taken care of.

Have a blessed Lord's Day!

Mrs. Breezy said...

Hi Mrs. Tonja-
Just praying a little Hebrews 12:1-2 for you and your family today. Run, Run, Run and keep your eyes fixed on him!

nancygrayce said...

I so know what you mean about the er. last week, we were there with russell's dad for 20+ hours. I think the shortage is everywhere. I'm glad it was nothing serious and that she'll be o.k. Prayers, nancy

Robin said...


Hope your mom is doing better today. I will say a prayer for you and your family. I love an update on all that is going on with you. Take good care of your mama. I sure miss mine. Robin

Robin said...
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