Friday, July 13, 2007


While looking around in the vast internet world, I came upon the neatest site. It's a quiz of sorts that asks about your living preferences. Things like climate, culture, medical facilities, sports, etc. I answered all my questions with abandon...exactly what I would pick if I could design my own city. After you finish, it then lists 24 of the places in America that are most suited to you and your wishes. My #5 spot is the place I live now!!!!!! How funny is that!! I guess sometimes you have just what you want and don't even realize it! That could be said for lots of things, couldn't it?

Anyway, try it out and see where your spot is... You may already be there!!!



Lynne said...

I just did this quiz. My town didn't show up - in fact, nothing in Georgia was on the list. But the #1 town is one that I had just been researching a few days ago. We're still looking for the perfect place to retire. I'm going to check out all of the places that showed up on this quiz.

RealEstateGirl said...

That was neat! My town didn't show up on my list either...but there was alot of stuff in Texas!No thanks!

My # 3 was Port Charlotte, Florida which sounds heavenly and then Pensacola wasn't too far down on the list.

Your town was my number 9 (I think).

This was fun! Now Gary's taking it to see if we should live in the same town!!! Ha ha!

Dianne said...

Okay...I did this and was amazed at the results. Two of the cities mentioned are ones that my sister and her husband are looking into moving to! I'm still not planning any move, but isn't that a weird coincidence? I may have to put this on my blog in a day or two...WOW! Thanks...that was a great quiz!

Leah Belle said...

Wow! How neat that you live in your town already! I'm headed over to see where I should live!

Dianne said...

You need to check out my have something waiting on you!