Saturday, February 21, 2009


Yesterday, I had the chance to talk with Nathan again. He was the cute 3 yr old with the 'snuffies' from a few posts back. And, James had some info for me, too.

Mrs.O...Hi, Nathan, how are your 'snuffies'?

Nathan...They're gone now.

Mrs. O...That's great! So, I guess you are feeling all better now.

Nathan...Well, I have some coughs.

Mrs.O...Oh, my, that's not good. Where did you get the coughs?

Nathan...From the leaf.

Mrs. O...Oh, so are you allergic to leaves, too?

Nathan...No. It was the leaf in Grandma's car. It was a bad leaf.

Mrs. O... How do you know it was a bad leaf?

Nathan...Because it gave me the coughs.

Mrs. O...I didn't know that leaves could give you coughs.

Nathan...Just if you eat them.

Mrs.O...Oh, so did you eat the leaf? I bet that wasn't good.

Nathan...I know it wasn't gave me the coughs!

Mrs. O...Nathan, I don't think it is a very good idea to eat leaves. Do you do that very often?

Nathan...Only the ones in Grandma's car. But, not any more. They have coughs in them.


James...Mrs. Owens, I have a little brother. Her name is Emma.

Mrs. O...That is wonderful, James. I bet you are a wonderful big brother. Do you help take care of her?

James...Yes. Me and Daddy do.

Mrs. O...What can you do for your sister?

James...Well, she wets her panties.

Mrs.O...Yes, little sisters do that a lot. They have to learn to go to the potty.

James... She poops in her panties, too.

Mrs.O... I know, they do that a lot, too. That's why they need a family to help take care of them.

James...I don't help with that poop stuff.

Mrs.O...I can understand that.

James...But, my daddy does. He just takes those panties off and throws them in the garbage can!


1. Be careful when you eat new things. You could have an unpleasant reaction.

2. Big brothers and sisters are an important part of family life.

3. When the 'unpleasant' things present themselves, get rid of them quickly. No use letting them hang around!


Keetha said...

These are GREAT little conversations! As a biology teacher, I am MOST interested to learn which species of plant produced those leaves with coughs in them!!!! ;-)

nancygrayce said...

Kids are the cutest!

Musicaljean said...

A little brother named Emma - I love it!

andi said...

I am wondering if it was a fragrance leaf...
Great conversations. Thanks for the sweet acrostic you did for Luke. You are right on my friend. Did the ice cream ball. :) Thought of you. Hope your mom is well.

Sherrie said...

You forgot that the leaf had spots on it!!!! If only their parents knew half of what they said at preschool!! Precious!!!!! They make me laugh!!!!

Debbie said...

Thanks for touring my grandsons room. I'm looking forward to seeing him there. Thanks again for all the prayers. Looks like the surgery will be a go on Tuesday. Feeling so blessed, Debbie

Ang baylis said...

I'm so glad you wrote these down! They are priceless! I just love 3 year-olds. I remember my son telling me a story about his teacher. He told me her husband was blind. At conferences she told us they tend to tell stories at that age. Somehow I learned that her husband was not blind, but couldn't find something that was right in front of him. So cute!
Angie xoxo

Jillian, Inc said...

Oh yes, ma'am...I'm with the daddy. Toss those puppies in the garbage ASAP.