Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Beautiful red ginger against lush greenery.
Ferns and more ferns!
Mossy tree on hotel grounds.
Shades of stone,sticks and greens.
After following a scary, narrow, one lane road for miles up the mountain, we came upon this tiny village. Here, in this sure-to-be-seen green stand, they were selling homemade banana bread!
Beautiful little green church, beside the road.


Musicaljean said...

I'm going to come back to this post in February when I'm starving for the sight of something green!! Just beautiful.

Greg C said...

I am growing 4 different kinds of ginger. They all make me think I am some place tropical. I love the smell of the flowers. Did you see any Mango Ginger. The flower is unbleievable.

windycorner said...

Just gorgeous! Gingers are the most amazing plants. Did you know that you can grow them in your zone? My favorite is a white variety called Butterfly ginger. I'll send you a picture when mine is blooming and if you'll email me your address I'll send you a root that you can plant.