Thursday, February 14, 2008


I always look for special cards for my men...early, too, as soon as they are put I won't forget. Then the 14th arrives and I remember the cards...I forgot to send them. Well, at least I can hand it to them...well, if I can find it, that is.....not much chance of that.....SO....

****To the men in my life, whom I hold dear,**************
****Your valentine is coming by blog this year.***********

****I think you are special, I think you are great.*******
****So here are my reasons, numbered 1 through 8.*********

**** DONALD ****

1. your integrity
2. your provision for our family
3. your calm, level-headed thinking (but,it DOES make me crazy, sometimes)
4. the way you care for Mom and Pop.
5. you can always find something to laugh at (corny stuff)
6. the way you serve God
7. the example you set for our boys
8. I know that I am loved by you...I am secure in that.

**** ADAM ****

1. you are the one who made me a mother
2. your smile lights up my soul
3. you dug down and found the strength to take a different road through life
4. you recognize and give credit for those who have shown grace and mercy toward you
5. you, in turn, are quick to show grace and mercy to learned well
6. you are developing the talent God gave you and honoring Him with it
7. your heart is tender, and full of empathy
8. you were wise enough to marry Suze and give me a Daughter to love.

**** ALEX ****

1. You are my sunshine
2. you are true gentleman
3. you show concern for others, even in your own distress
4. you trust in God's wisdom
5. your mind is know so much about so much
6. you are patient (most of the time) teaching me the computer
7. you are so appreciative of others
8. I think you understand me, most of all

**** IAN ****

1. You were born with a tenacious spirit, and it has not waned a bit.
2. You love people...and people love you...because you are interested in them.
3. You had a hard road to travel, but have never felt sorry for yourself.
4. Instead of wondering about things, you learn all you can about them.
5. You are a leader among your peers...they respect you and your direction.
6. You give me a shoulder of strength and comfort when I need it.
7, You are willing to take your off time to share with others.
8. You honor the Lord in the way you live your life.

**** POP ****

1. You finally quit pinching me in church when I was a little girl.
2. you gave me the confidence to believe I could do anything.
3 You taught me to love to read.
4. You raised me in church.
5 You still show me how to 'keep on keeping on'.
6. You gave me a sister.
7. You love my mother and treat her with tenderness and respect.
8 I can have faith and trust completely in my Heavenly Father, because I have
faith and trust completely in my earthly Father.

And, now**** SCOOTER ****

1. No one...NO as glad to see me as you are!
2. No one...NO ONE..wags their tail for me like you do!
3. You love me unconditionally...all the time...every day!
4. You are my boy, too, even if you have 4 legs instead of 2.
5. You never complain about what I serve you.
7. You are happiest with even the smallest treat
8. You never question my judgement...I'm always the boss!

********NOW YOU NEXT 5 ARE SPECIAL AND DEAR,*************
********IT'S ALWAYS A PLEASURE WHEN YOU ARE NEAR!******** show great love for my sister and for my family...I am proud YOU are my brother. You are the only one who understands the 'old book thing'. You are a mighty prayer warrior for our family, and spend much time helping track down doctors. You do this out of love...and it makes you even MORE special to me.

WILL...You are so great to my sweet Tara, and I count you as my are great in SS, and even if you do enjoy the hunt...I still think you have a compassionate heart.

BEN...What a delight to get to know you! I am thankful Lori has you...and I know you love her. I gladly add you to my list of "special men in my life". are a friend through and through, and your respect and love for my Pop touches my heart. I fully trust him in your hands. But, next time y'all are in the woods, turn off the motors and listen....someone may be trying to talk to you...:)

UNCLE ALLISON...You have been an example before my eyes since I was a little girl. You never waiver or change. You stand steadfast...and show us all how to live and love. I am still amazed at the wisdom that you speak.


Jill@Who Could Ask for Anything More said...

Oh Tonja- Sweet, sweet, sweet. Happy Valentine's Day to you and all your men!

nancygrayce said...

The men in your life are blessed to have you! Happy Valentines day to you!

idowens said...

Love you, Mom. Thanks for the kind words. You're the best.

Dianne said...

Now that's just the sweetest Tonja! Sounds like you have LOTS of great men in your life...great post!

justabeachkat said...

Lucky men....lucky you!


Ang baylis said...

This was the sweetest, most precious post ever! You really are a special person!

Love you,
Angie xoxo

Alex said...

Thank you Mom. I love you dearly.