Tuesday, November 18, 2008


As far as I know, I did not lose any friends over my post yesterday! Thanks for not taking it personally! (Sure glad Sherrie has a sense of humor!)

So, here I go again. But, don't worry...you are safe from my ranting this time. Unless one of you happen to be a magazine publisher.

I just bought a magazine while I was at Target. After arriving home, I sat down to read it and enjoy a few moments of solitude. Instantly, upon opening said magazine, I was bombarded by an avalanche of subscription cards. Now, I kid you not, out of the new Country Home magazine fell 8 different cards offering me all the benefits of subscribing to their lovely periodical. I really enjoy reading magazines and I subscribe to several, but since we are moving (hopefully SOMETIME before this year is over!!!!!) I have let all of my subscriptions lapse. But, this so infuriates me, that it makes me not even want to subscribe at all. Why, with the 'greening of America',would any responsible company put so many throwaway cards in their publication? And since I am kicking the mags here, let me go on to say that I do not like the cards that are glued into the magazine at intervals for various reasons either. It keeps the book from lying flat, especially if you are reading propped up in bed as I am known to do. Now, I don't expect to have the magazines suddenly change their policies because I put up a fuss. But, I feel better just getting this off my chest.
Now...tissue paper. Not toilet, or nose blowing, but wrapping presents and fragile things tissue. I looked the store over for a package of printed tissue paper. Now this is not a Target only problem...this is everywhere. When you find some lovely tissue that would be just perfect for you to put in the bags that you bought for your Christmas gifts causing them to be all color coordinated and everything...look closely, you will find that in a package of ...say 20 sheets, only 2 of them are actually printed. The rest are some sad 'ole color that doesn't even come close to matching. BUT, they fold it all together so it LOOKS as if you are getting a package full of the desired print. This is just not right.

Target has some of the best looking wrapping supplies available to us here in my town. And, I was so excited today to find a complete coordinated collection that I really liked. Printed bags, small bags with handles, big bags with handles, huge bags with handles, boxes, gift card holders, bows, tags,...all in one convenient place. I gathered some of these and a few of those and 2 or 3 of those over there...and several of the gift card holders. And then, I bent to get the tissue paper that would pull it all together. Sure enough, 2!!! coordinating pieces and the rest were white! This would totally cause my wrapping color scheme to fall apart, and look as if I used leftover packing tissue. I would have had to buy at least 15 packages of tissue to get enough to pull those packages up to the level I had envisioned sitting around the bottom of my tree...in the middle of the den...in the Creek House...at Christmastime...(IF we ever get there!!) I just wanted to put the whole selection back and forget it...but, my time is limited, and I really liked it. I did not, however, buy any tissue. Instead I will traipse around our fair city in hopes of finding another color to use. This will take extra gas, and time, and wear and tear on the body, and additional mental anguish. But, I am committed to having pretty packages...whatever it takes! And since I have NO MOVING DATE as of yet...I have the time! Or, I could just forget it all, return all the gifts, and give everyone a gift card!
(this is not the wrapping collection of which I am speaking...just a pic to illustrate)


LivingTheLife said...

OH! OH! OH! OH!!...I say ditto and "right on" to all the above. You so-oooo nailed this one...irksome cards! And the no tissue to match...well, it's like having THE perfect outfit to wear "all sparkly and such"...only to be able to find plain ole brown flats to wear with it...just ain't right...just isn't!! I can't wait for tomorrow...seems you have been touching on a lot of things that "irk" me...and I just thought it was ME!! OH! thank the Lord...I'm not the only one!

Hope things go well with the builder and architect tomorrow...tell them that your READY...you are over 50...have suffered from or are suffering from menopause...and you know folks who have weapons!! Then give me a call and we'll getcha moved in...alrighty!


Melinda said...

You always make me laugh. Your blog is seriously becoming my favorite of the many I read. You hit both of these things head on. I got my wrapping papaer at Target too and even started wrapping toay, tht's one of my favorite parts of the season.

andi said...

You will be pleased to know mom told me to get his mattress on the floor. He calls it DaDa's big boy bed. Precious. He roamed about for awhile and finally settled around 9:00. He is going to be exhausted in the morning. Thanks for the advice...I am sending him to you if I am exhausted in the morning. LOL. I'll wait until you move in for that. :) I was really jealous about your fine wrapping already coming together. Secretly I am glad you had a kink thrown in it. It shouldn't be legal to have it that together already! LOL I do hope you find exactly what you are looking for-quickly!!!! Happy wrapping!

nancygrayce said...

I am in total agreement with you on both fronts....oh, not like I really wrap anything, but I like matching tissue paper sticking out of the bags!

Better check on your lapsed subscriptions, they have this new little practice that if you don't cancel, they automatically renew your subscription and bill you! They did that to me and it made me so mad! I'll renew if I want to!

Dianne said...

Yeah, I've noticed that too. They've definitely got the marketing thing....make a good first impression....down pat.

About the magazine thing...as soon as I get magazines, I pull out all those subsription things and the heavier weight paper things you mentioned without even looking at them. They will never know I'm doing it, but it gives me an inner satisfaction to know I'm ripping them out and throwing them away without looking since they are trying so hard to get my attention! :-)

Gail said...

Head to...The Dollar Store, or Tree! I know it sounds CHEAP...but, I promise they have good junk to wrap with! LOL....The one in my town had...wall to wall people in it yesterday! LOL.. Guess everyone is truly trying to cut back? The savings are better than Big Lots and I promise you will meet a lot of strange people! LOL... Go and report your findings! Can't wait!