Saturday, November 3, 2007



I went on a 3 night trip a few weeks ago, and realized just how dependent on electronics I have gotten. I had my cell phone, my PDA, and my laptop. I could have had my IPOD also, but I knew I wouldn't use it cause I was travelling with 4 other girls. When you take those things with have to take the chargers, also. What a mess when all those cords get tangled up with your shoes and your hairspray. This looks like a neat solution. This case has 4 separate sections just for holding your electronics chargers. They all stay together, and they keep their cords to themselves! I know a few men who do a bit of travelling...ladies, too ,for that matter, and this looks like a winner to me. Give those chargers their own little charger motel....your shoes and your hairspray will thank you for it.

Order from THE SPOON SISTERS.....cost...$ 12.50


Sixth in a series of fun gift ideas brought to you by Gatherings.


Musicaljean said...

I love it, once again! And I am going to give it to myself!

Lynne said...

I'm with Jean - I'm getting one for ME!

Mary said...

What a great gift idea!

Thanks for stopping by and leaving all those sweet comments regarding my trip home to England. I really do think you need to at least visit your son when he's over there........start packing!!