Wednesday, April 18, 2007


It saddens me so to hear of the senseless shootings at Virginia Tech. My son called me at work to see if I had heard about it. Then when I got home we watched it together. I have another son in grad school in Birmingham, and I tried to imagine if I were to get the call those parents got. They need our prayers. I feel for the family of the shooter. How reviled they will feel. I pray that they have a support group to help them as well. Then last night I heard the inevitable "blame police" start up about how so-and-so should have done such-and -such. My personal feeling is that unless you are walking through that tragedy, you have no right to comment. I am sure the president of VT has second guessed himself enough...but that was a situation he had never experienced before...and I feel sure he did his best. There is only one bad guy in this situation...the shooter. Sure, lessons can be learned on how to deal with this type of episode in the future....but pointing fingers now is uncalled for. May God give them all peace and understanding.


Lynne said...

Amen, Tonja. Well said.

Leah Belle said...

I agree so much. I am tired of people who try to blame everyone but the person at fault. The shooter did a horrible thing and no one could have known what he was planning.

Southern Heart said...

Tonja, this has been on my heart as well. My heart goes out to all touched by this, and my prayers as well.

RealEstateGirl said...

Tonja, Gary and I were talking about that very thing last night. The media are a bunch of IDIOTS! There is no way in the world the police or the admin./faculty should be blammed for this. They are always looking to point out fault, when indeed, they had never experienced anything like this can you have a "plan" in place for something like this?

I'm surprised the media didn't blame Bush, they do for everything else! Arrrgghhh! Enough venting!

We do need to keep these families in our prayers. I cannot imagine the heartache. I have one going off to college in a year, and it really struck home, thinking my kid is gonna be safe and then something like this could happen.